Save time, money, and lives.

Analytic Center of Excellence on Trafficking

Powered by IBM technology and civil society networks, ACET allows sound and timely decision making that reduces trafficking, thereby saving time, money and lives.

Human Trafficking

$150 billion dollar profit per year

Wildlife Trafficking

$25 billion dollar profit per year

Where's the money?

ACET conducts research and produces reports on illicit supply chains that help organizations save time, money, and lives.


Convergence of Trafficking

How illicit supply chains merge resulting in the convergence of global trafficking networks.


Reduce Trafficking Together

How governments, corporations and civil society can reduce trafficking by working together.


Skills for Trafficking Mitigation

How training builds the skills and awareness to confront and mitigate trafficking.


Finance Counter Trafficking

How restitution funds can be amplified and created from converted criminal proceeds.


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